The pen is mightier than the sword.

True meaning of this adage came to me as a revelation, when I read a novel for the first time. I have, ever since, wondered how would it feel to write. When this curiosity and the intent to write collided, Speed Of  Thoughts became an entity.

Speed Of Thoughts is an endeavor to document some of my life’s experiences which have had profound effects on my life. In this endeavor, I will, with your readership, try to find answers to the questions which have kept me wide awake at nights.

During the day, I juggle between an advertising job, reveries and insatiable cravings for Chicken Biryani. Psychology intrigues me. Music, TV series and movies are my poison. I indulge in storytelling and listening to stories. Let’s initiate a true exchange of our stories so that our thoughts attain a state of harmony.

Yours thoughtfully,
Shubham Dukhande