Universe’s Rhetoric

You have lived these emotions in their most violent forms. Not once, but countless times. Every time you want to be devoid of these emotions, you end up smothering yourself. It consumes you. Worn out, you close your eyes and fall into the abyss between retrospection and introspection—trying to make sense of it all. All in vain, peace still evades you. Voices in your head don’t stop. They don’t go. The fall picks up the pace. Somewhere inside of you, a spark of anger takes shape of flame and sets you ablaze. You burn.

Just as when you are about to accept that that fall is your reality, the universe comes alive. As if it wants to give you a sense of relief—makes a writer halfway around the world—to write. These writings—in the form of novels, short stories, blog posts—travel a great distance to reach you. As you read them, you experience a series of epiphanies. You learn about yourself, all over again. You start to know yourself. These writings are the answers which you sought for quite a long time. While you read them, it is a brief yet an intense moment wherein the flame of anger extinguishes, and you see things clearly. You look within yourself and find peace. It’s beautiful. It’s catharsis.


Pick my thoughts

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